Apple Cider Vinegar

Available: Local grocery store, Walmart, etc. Any brand will do, as long as it has the ‘mother’ (dark brown concentrated stuff at the bottom of the bottle), this is the one I have.

I absolutely LOVE this product. This is my staple product and I can survive a month with this being my only product! It’s amazing. I use it for practically everything.

Disclaimer: These are MY experiences and they might not be yours. Proceed carefully. Do additional research.


  1. Vagina Deodorizer and PH Balancer: Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with every cup of water. Put in a spray bottle. Spray on your vagina in the shower and rinse with cold water.
  2. Face Toner: Mix 1 table spoon ACV with every cup of water. Spray on face; don’t rinse. Although I have never been acne prone, I’ve gotten a few breakouts here and there and the ACV minimized them almost immediately. It minimizes the pores on your face , given you a softer appearance and creating a smooth base for makeup application. It evens your skin tone and fades away dark marks. Keeps your skin moisturized and not oily.
  3. Armpit Detox: Use ACV alone or with bentonite clay (Put diluted version of ACV 15 minutes before shower then wash off) to help rid underarms of impurities, such as aluminum in deodorants thats can be detrimental to your health. It is great at cleaning out underarms to prepare them for a natural deodorant. It’ll help minimize underarm pores and can gradually lighten the appearance of your armpits, as well.
  4. Weight Loss: Put a table spoon of ACV in your cup of water and drink daily to help with weight loss. I don’t know why guys, but it works. I really try not to weigh myself so I haven’t noticed any weight loss but I eat a lot and by doing this, I don’t get as much stomach bloating as I usually do and I’m able to maintain my weight, without going to the gym. Guy’s I hateeeee the gym! I’m extremely lazy but this does the trick of keeping everything tight.
  5. Hair Conditioner: Use diluted version listed above. This makes my hair incredibly soft. It can also be used as a ‘natural shampoo’ because it is anti fungal as well. I am an Afro-Caribbean girl with the kinkiest of hair textures and it makes my hair sooooo soft guys, omg!! I would suggest rinsing out, but it is not required.


Jet (cheapest one I found):

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