DCP: How to get accepted



APPLY! What’s the worst that can happen? Your chances increase when you apply. If you’re scared you’ll be rejected, apply in secret. Don’t tell anyone, that way if you don’t get it, you’re the only one who will know. And if you don’t make it, APPLY AGAIN!

I applied TWICE before I got in!


  1. If you’re a cheery, bubbly person then BE YOURSELF! If you’re not, be a cheery bubbly person!
  2. TALK A LOT and GIVE LONG-er ANSWERS! Disney loves outgoing people who aren’t afraid to talk. Talk but don’t cut of your interviewer. It’s important to balance is properly. 75% talk, 25% listen to interviewer.
  3. Ask questions at the end, it makes you seem more interested.
  4. Laugh and smile over the phone, I promise you it’ll go a very long way.
  5. TALK ACCORDINGLY! Try to guess the age of your interviewer and talk to them accordingly. Address people over 55 as ‘sir’ or ‘mam’, address anyone younger by their name (MAJOR PLUS) or by ‘sir’ or ‘miss’. RESPECT your interviewer.
  6. TALK TO THEM LIKE THEY ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS! Disney wants to know if you are a natural with people and if you can treat every like family or like you’ve know them for a really long time. Be calm and natural, you don’t want to sound too forced, people can always tell.
  7. ANSWER QUESTIONS ACCORDINGLY! Have your top 3 roles written down, with a short description of each role. Listen, they can give you ANY role they want, you have to answer questions in the direction of the role YOU want. If you don’t want to work is QSFB (Quick Service Food and Beverage) and they ask you, “How well do you work in fast paced environments?” Don’t just answer “I work well under pressure,” because you just want to be accepted. You can be accepted AND get the role you want, its is VERY possible. I would say something along the lines of, “though I work very well in fast paced environments, I’d much rather working at a slower/medium pace, I feel that it gives me enough time to take in the atmosphere and focus keenly on what it is I’m doing. I think that in fast paced environments, details are easily ignored and I feel as though details are a very intricate part of any successful project.” Disney is a magical place, regardless of your role but a role can definitely make or break your experience.
  8. GO TO A QUIET PLACE! We don’t need any annoying little brothers and sisters in your ear while you are on the phone with the interviewer. Get some tea, some coffee, some soda, whatever you like really and relax on a comfy couch. Go to this place 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time to set the mood and get in that quiet place in your mind, body and soul.
  9. DO NOT OVERTHINK! LOL! You wont be able to help it, so overthink away!

APPLY HERE: The application for Spring 2018 is now closed but click the link below to to subscribe and get updates to when the Fall 2018 program applications will open.


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