Exfoliation might be the answer to all your skin problems!

See, most of the articles you read will tell you to be gentle with your skin, especially your face; I’m telling you to do the opposite. I have dermatitis which is basically a fancy word for chronic dry skin, and I’d never attempt rigorous exfoliating during the winter months or on already dry and cracked skin. I notice that during the summer months, my skin has this level of moisture that is completely absent during the winter. Though I can still see the cracks and flakes on my nose, it is still soft and feels moisturized to the touch.

Not to brag or anything; but I have naturally clear skin and I think that its due to the fact that I have dry skin. See, when you have oily skin, your body produces too much oils which can in turn clog your pores.

My advice to you is EXFOLIATE! Exfoliate is your skin is oily, exfoliate even if your skin is dry; just make sure your skin is prepped for it.

Buy a rag, a face brush or even a loofah from dollar general and apply any face product you have on hand and scrub your face and your body in a circular motion. Not only will this encourage the regeneration of new cells, given you brighter, even-tone, softer skin; it can eliminate any excess oils that can potentially clog your pores, creating an acne problem.

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