Top 10 series to watch on Netflix (sci-fi)


1. Bitten

Bitten is a show based on the life of a vampire who finds it almost impossible to lead her desired ‘normal’ life. Being only female in a male dominated species, she is the voice of reason among her pack and is constantly being hunted by other packs who finds her existence a mystery.

If you love a female lead ( like I do), if you love a love story but also enjoy the action, this is a really great show to watch.

2. Merlin

Merlin is centered around a very powerful warlock, who’s biggest hinderance is his inability to fully be himself, due to the fear of execution. He is plagued with protecting a potentially revolutionary king, without bringing light to the means in which he accomplishes this task.

-Guys this is probably one of my all- time favorite shows. Merlin is so relatable and refreshing, like anyone can see themselves in him. The show is slow-paced and place more of an emphasis on the relationships between the characters. So if you want more action, this might not be the show for you.

3. Charmed

Centered around 3 powerful witches who fight the forces of evil, as well as the troubles of sisterhood.

-My all time favorite series. This show is flawless!

4. The 100

100 students from space are sent to earth to see if the conditions here are survivable. Though the sun cannot kill them, it’s other primal inhabitants might!

-I fell off after season 2 because all my favorites were dying. Remember, no one is safe in the show. The first 2 seasons are amazing though.

5. Beauty and the Beast

A science experiment falls in love with a detective while trying to protect her.

-Guys, I stopped watching after season 3, just became a little repetitive for me but the first 2 seasons had me obsessed. It was crazy. I was watching it with my boyfriend at the time and I would get cursed out for skipping ahead and watching it without him but I just couldn’t help it. 

6. Star-Crossed

A girls falls in love with an alien boy.

-This is a sweet love story, guys! I love, love stories. It’s cute and interesting to watch, but Netflix only has 1 season though, which sucks!

7. The Secret Circle

A group of witches attempt to gain control of their powers by bonding their magic, only to figure out that by doing so, they are going down the same dangerous path their parents did decades before.

-These kids are high school students so you might find yourself relating to them very easily. You’ll see some situations, you might have experienced in high school, that’s what makes this show so fun. You see the dynamics of friendships and love, and you see the people in your everyday life, in those characters. Love, love this show. I hated soooo much that it ended after one season though. 

8. The Vampire Diaries

A girl falls in love with two vampire brothers, taking her life down a very different path than she and her parents hoped for her.

-There are a lot of seasons which I love. Seasons 4 and 5 was unnecessary to me but every other season is gold. I prefer the originals though, by farrrrrrr. The leading characters in both shows, male and female, are beautifulllllllllllllll! 

9. The Originals

Spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. The original family of vampires try to gain back control of their home in New Orleans and must fight witches, werewolves and other vampires to do so!

-Don’t want to spoil it but a member of the original family, Klaus, which the story is centered around is an hybrid (half vampire, half werewolf). This makes him particularly vicious and un-killable

10. Supernatural

2 brothers solve paranormal cases together

-This is like CSI and Criminal minds for the sci-fi lovers. This show is good but it doesn’t get you addicted like the others. Every episode is a completely different case, you can start at season 4 with no problem understanding the show. It’s not very cohesive, one episode rarely leads to the other. Its good to watch when you don’t have anything else but you probably wont go looking for this show. It has like 11 seasons though so it must appeal to somebody. 


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