“I’m sorry, your soulmate cannot be another woman’s husband.”

“I’m sorry, your soulmate cannot be another woman’s husband.”

The truth is; most people don’t actually marry their soulmate. I do not encourage engaging in sexual contact with someone else’s husband but my condemnation of such act is purely situational. I don’t understand how people forget what it feels like to be emotionally connected to somebody. How it feels to vibe with somebody.  What it feels like to be in love. When you feel like that, nothing else matters, especially if you feel as though that person might be your soulmate.

And you know what? Women never blame the man. They never blame the man. And I think that the other woman become the scapegoat because wives find it easier to blame an outsider than to acknowledge the fact that they made a mistake, that they married the WRONG man.

You see, my justification for adultery is purely on the side of the mistress. I can completely understand on her part. She did not recite any vows, she did not make any commitments and she does not owe any loyalty to the wife. Though a strong, respectable woman would take precautions to ensure that her feelings do not intrude on someone else’s marriage, I can totally understand how she might slip.

I, however, will never understand how a husband can step out on his wife, in any situation. Apart from being your wife, she is your partner, you made a commitment. At the very least, before stepping out on your marriage, file for a divorce.


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