I AM A BEGINNER! This is only my third design.

  1. Shave & Exfoliate your skin thoroughly before beginning your design.
  2. Get a grip; hole the henna cone as though you are holding a pen, make sure you have a comfortable, steady hold on it to prevent any mistakes.
  3. Google some designs and base your henna design off of one or multiple other google images.
  4. When you, are finished with your design and it has partially dried, dab your henna tattoo with a lemon juice, sugar and water concoction, with a cotton ball to allow the dried henna to stick to your skin as long as possible.

  5. STAY AWAY FROM WATER, it will halt your staining process, believe me.
  6. Keep the dried henna on your skin for at least 8 hours then use a paper towel to gentle smooth it off (Remove it in the same order you drew your tattoo to have an even toned henna color throughout the design)
  7. After smoothing it off, it should be a bright orange color.
  8. Rub an oil over it to prevent it from fading, in case of contact with water.


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