Top 10 Low- Budget, BLACK Movies to Watch on Netflix

You don’t have to be black to love any of the movies listed below. The struggles are universal, the actors just happen to be brown.

A flip side to this list will be uploaded tomorrow, so look out!

‘Burning Sands’

Relationships, health and grades suffer while these group of boys pledge for a fraternity.

Main character is very handsome. Above average movie. Above average acting. Definitely not anything great but it’s nice to watch. Started off a little slow for me but it picks up, as a college student, you should definitely watch.

‘Boy Bye’

She’s never fallen in love until now. But is he the man of her dreams or the reason why she’s never believed in love?

Wendy Raquel Robinson is a great actress. Low-budget movie but the acting definitely makes up for it.

‘Queen of Katwe’

A girl from the ‘ghetto’ or Uganda becomes a chess legend.

Main actress is breathtakingly beautiful. Lupita is also in it, she’s gorgeous as well. Really good movie. There aren’t any high points in this movie, nothing really stands out. It goes at a steady pace, throughout the entire film.

‘Like Cotton Twines’

An American man goes to Africa to teach but he forms a bond with a young girl who is set to spend her life paying for a crime she did not commit.

Great movie. I definitely underestimated this movie. Turned out to be a great movie.

‘The Preacher’s Son’

First, he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pastor, secondly, he falls in love with a stripper.

Main character is sooo FINEEEE! Also, there is some really good actors in this movie, even though it’s a low-budget movie.

‘Mississipi Damned’

Just a whole bunch of drama.

The absolutely best movie on this list. GREAT ACTING. Amazing story. This movie is very well-written, relate-able, fucked up. It’s a really, really good movie.

‘Will To Love’

A man searches for a wife in an effort to secure his grandfather’s fortune.

Marques Houston and Keisha Knight Pulliam (she’s so gorgeous, btw). This was a nice movie.

‘My Last Day Without You’

He didn’t expect to fall in love on a business trip.

Leading lady is gorgeous, leading guy is sooo dreamy. The taxi man annoyed the life out of me though, he just kept talking tooooo much. Could’ve been much better cause it had a good story line but the main character was a bit too impulsive for me and kind of annoying. The movie was OK. You might like it though!

‘Brotherly Love’

Growing up in the hood, you have to do what you have to do to make it.

I love Keke Palmer and I just think Quincy is gorgeous. The ending will shock you. Great movie!

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