Neosporin: For Lip Moisture

IMG_0675I’ve been plagued with dry lips from ever since I can remember. Due to the constant drying and cracking of my lips and absence of a true lip moisturizer, my lips have darkened and I hate that! I always wear lipsticks to cover the discoloration and it’s sad to say I can never leave my house without having it on. I’ve grown to embrace natural beauty and I want to rid myself of my lipstick crutch.

With much research, I’ve came across reviews claiming that Neosporin can be used on lips and that the moisture it gives your lips in unparalleled. And so I tried it.


DO NOT PUT NEOSPORIN ON YOUR LIPS! It left bumps all over my lips and did little help when it came to moisture. Due to the terrifying results, I am scared to even use it at all. I’ve never used this product before, like ever, so there is a chance I might be allergic to it or had a bad skin reaction because everyone’s skin is different. But I do not have sensitive skin. My skin does not break out easily. And I’ve never had many bumps on my skin (including my lips) in my entire life.

With discontinued use, I can see the bumps starting to fade but it’s been 3 days and I need it gone.


I will be trying different remedies to rid myself of the bumps, as well as to lighten my lips but I will be throwing out the Neosporin, CHAPSTICK will do for now.



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