Ora-bands: Does it work?

Guys! I wore braces for 3 years of my life and had them taken off about 4 years ago. I recently lost my retainers and saw that the spaces in my teeth were reappearingFrom the 4 tooth I had pulled during that whole process). I definitely ruled out getting new retainers, i simply just cannot afford that at all, so with research, I decided to give the ORA-bands a try.


It takes a while to get used to it on your teeth, it can be VERY, VERY painful in the beginning and the bands tend to slide off your teeth a bit. But it works. It works really fast because the pull is so tight but the moment you take a break, your teeth reverts even faster.

The thing is, you have to wear them consistently for a while, changing the bands daily of course but you will notice results if you wear it long term.

Also, if you notice the bands sliding up into your teeth, use a cotton ball to dry your teeth, that way the teeth is tact enough to prevent the band from sliding up into your gums because this can be very dangerous.

Does it help with gaps in your teeth? With consistent use, yes!

Does it help with an overbite? Jury is still . out on that one.


Will post my results when all my gaps have closed. Stay tuned!

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