I’m very passionate about school and it’s been drilled in me that in order to become successful, I have to go to school and get a degree.

That might just be bullshit.

I go to school and have to take out thousands of dollars in loans, in order to pay my bill. The financial aid office workers ARE ANGRY and ARE NOT THERE TO HELP YOU. They are apart of the problem. They have additional funds at their disposal and are given permission to use them if they deem necessary.

Here is how I know:

I applied for a school and was given a certain amount in financial aid, after a couple weeks the money that was previously given to me was withdrawn. I called to speak to the financial aid office to ask why the money was taken back and asked kindly if I can have it back. The financial aid woman told me, repeatedly, that they had run out of funds to give to students and they had absolutely no money left. I asked if there was someone else I could speak to and after days of being mislead, I got in contact with the financial aid office director. I told him about the situation and though he was very nice, he seemed like he did not want to be bothered. 2 minutes into the conversation, he gave me over $4,000 in aid, just like that. After the woman told me that they school was all out of aid and that there was absolutely nothing that could be done for me.

I have friends and family members who has had success begging and who’ve encouraged me to beg the financial aid office workers because they have more power than they let be known.

Financial aid reps are like customer service reps, and you must treat them as such. They purposely with-hold information about aid from you because THAT IS THEIR JOB. They are suppose to steer you in the direction of loans and debt, that’s the business, that’s the SCAM. And the funny thing is, giving out a little extra aid will not compromise their positions. It is a choice. I swear to you that they are given a certain amount of money they are able to disburse, at their own leisure, they just wont. You would think that the money is coming out of their own fucking pockets.

They are rude as fuck when you call. They answer the phone with an attitude like you’re the reason they didn’t finish college and have to work at one and cater to a bunch of college students. Like it’s your fault they don’t make as much as you want to and like it’s your fault they don’t like their fucking jobs.

I just feel that if you’re in a position to help people, you should do everything in your power to do that, ESPECIALLY if your job is not being compromised. I’m sure you understand what it’s like to be broke and desperate while trying to do the right thing. I’m not saying this is your fault because there are bigger forces at play here but you can make a difference and YOU’RE NOT DOING IT!!!

I know I can take out loans, baby, I know my options, I’ve done my research. I’ve taken out loans and I’m willing to take out more but I will not take out any UNSUB loans (loans where interest starts to build up the moment you take it out). I have AMAZING grades what continue to improve. I am DOUBLE MAJORING, I am involved in activities on campus, I cause absolutely NO TROUBLE; there must be SOMETHING you can do for me. For a lot of people.

I’d never understand how people with power to change lives can abuse it by being mean and selfish.

Don’t lose your empathy or your soul folks. A time will come where you’ll wish you weren’t dealing with someone like yourself.


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