10 steps to increase financial aid award

  1. Annoy the fuck out of the financial aid office. They wont always have the power or access to get you the aid you desire but they’ll know who does.
  2. Find out who has the power to give you more aid and get in contact with them. If it’s not the Financial Aid Office, then it might be the scholarship department. Get in contact with them.
  3. Be very polite, write intelligently and understand that they are not required to give you anything. Don’t make demands!
  4. Stake your claim, state the reason why you deserve additional aid and ask questions!
  5. I don’t suggest you lie but if you must, exaggerate your story. Give details, no matter how emotional it may be for you.
  6. Thank the person you are speaking with, always! Even if they don’t or can’t help you, good manners will make them likely to refer you to a person that might be able to help you further. (You might have to go through a few people to get there)
  7. If they offer you anything, always remember they are offering you the absolute lowest they can. 
  8. Negotiate. Accept and thank them for their offer then ask them nicely if that is all they can do for you.
  9. If they increase the aid, you must settle. Asking for an increase the first time around is risky but doing it a second time is just plain greedy.
  10. Thank them through e-mail but if the transaction was done via e-mail, thanking them in person is a great way to build relationships and open the doors for funds in the future.

Remember: The worst they can say is NO, they cannot kick you out of school for asking for financial aid, neither can they take back aid already offered to you, without probably cause.

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