Re-growing Edges FAIL and Current Routine

I’ve come to the conclusion that NOTHING WORKS! I think that I have naturally thin edges and that there is not way to thicken them without changing my genetics.

Ofcourse I try to take care of them to prevent further thinning but I also use products and gels that contain alcohol, which can be harmful to your hair, especially to my already disappearing edges. I plan to stop doing that, just to see if there is any improvement but I can officially say that I’ve tried “Wild Growth Hair Oil” and was dedicated to the product for over 3 months and it does not thicken you edges. I can say however that I have been able to retain a little more length on them. They’re still THIN AS FUCK tho. So I’d advise against wasting your money and maybe go get a hair transplant if it’s that important to you.

But me, personally, I will be living with these edges for the rest of my life cause I’m broke asf.

I do not suggest using Gorilla Snot gel because it can be very drying, as it contains alcohol, you can use Ecostyler gel or whatever alcohol-free gel that works for you.



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