Unpopular Opinion: Why “Transgenderism” isn’t considered a mental disorder but dissociative personality disorder is.

“For as long as I can remember, I always felt like a boy. I know I have a vagina but I just never felt like a girl.

So, you were born with a vagina, but you FEEL that you’re a boy.

So, you were born with a penis, but you FEEL like a girl.

People who have dissociative personality disorders are proven to genuinely be unaware of their different personalities. For example,  if a person has 5 different personalities, there’s usually 1 personality that knows about all the other 4 but their main personality (the one that existed before the other personalities emerged, or the primary personality) is usually unaware of the other 4. They just know that they escape time and that sometimes people bring up events they’ve seen them at, that they don’t recall ever going to, so they know something is wrong but they don’t know what it is. But the therapist does. The therapist is able to bring out all the different people that exist within a dissociative personality disorder patient’s head and talk to them individually. So they know this is real, they are licensed to know exactly what is going on. With a transgender, you really don’t know how they feel, because it is a feeling, it’s personal to them, as a therapist, you can’t draw out those feelings like you can  mental disorders. SO how do we know it’s real?

And again, I’m not saying it’s not cause I think it’s very possible. Just like I believe having multiple personalities is very possible. But who are we to say that one thing (transgender) that we can’t necessarily prove has more ground over something (dissociative disorder) that we can. Who are we to determine what is recognized as a third gender and what is a mental disorder. I feel that we either come to the conclusion that both deserve their places in society or that they are both mental disorders. We can’t differentiate them in what we consider normal and abnormal. And if we chose to do that, we must favor the side that we can actually prove.

SO why don’t we acknowledge these different personalities as different people, why don’t they draw up different birth certificates when we realize they exist? Why don’t they do on separate interviews and why don’t we see them as completely different people?

But we acknowledge transgender as a third gender and we’ve integrated it into our society, why are other mental disorders considered mental illnesses then? Isn’t that a bit unfair?

If you feel like you are different from what you are, then that’s your business.

But if you’re going to add a new gender to society just to account for a portion of the population’s FEELINGS, other mental disorders should be accounted for as well and not considered mental illnesses.

P. S. If you have any opinions contrary to the opinion stated above, refer to the definition of mental disorder below, or google it.

Mental Disorder: Disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior



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