NEOSPORIN allergic reaction

I previously wrote a post about using a Neosporin to soften my lips, after many users vouched for it. What a BIG MISTAKE?

About 3 days after using Neosporin on my lips daily, I noticed some bumps appearing on  my lips, nothing too major.

I didn’t link Neosporin to the rash immediately so I continued to use it. Eventually, I stopped with the idea that maybe I misused the product and that it wasn’t suitable to be used on lips at all. So I stopped.

Maybe 2-3 weeks ago, I went to get my eyebrows done. My skin is semi-sensitive, it rarely ever break out but I get rashes so very easily, never as severe as this one but my skin reacts to fabric, environmental change, just everything. These reactions though, are usually very minor and could only be seen by me or felt to the touch. Anyways, I’ve had a slight breakout to the wax used \, so the Chinese lady suggested I used Neosporin. She pushed it on me and was like “use, use!” And so I did. I plasted it everywhere, around my eyebrows and even on my forehead, repeatedly.

Why did I do that?

3 days after I used Neosporin on my eyebrows, the break out took effect.

img_1695You can’t see it too good in this photo but it was horrible, very visible and pink. I’m dark asf, so if a rash is visibly pink on my forehead, something is wrong.


Moral of the story, understand that everyone’s skin isn’t yours. Take advice with a grain of salt. Be careful and LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN.

I don’t know exactly what ingredient in the Neosporin, I’m allergic to. But I’d never use this product or any product with similar active ingredients, ever again.

Before and After

My skin cleared up with use of Calamine lotion and another rash cream my friend gave me. But I did acquire a few acne marks due to the incident, which sucks but I’m not complaining,

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