Top 10 Relationship DEAL BREAKERS!

1. A guy who disrespects his mom and/or sister in the worst possible scenario. She could’ve stole his car and trashed it.  How you speak to her in that scenario tells me how you’ll treat me if I ever did something you didn’t like.

2. A man who’s rude to the waiter, or strangers or the less fortunate. MAJOR DUB!

3. A guy who is overly insecure/overly obnoxious.

4. He called/calls me a bitch. ***CALLED… you only get one chance to call me that and that’s it!

5. A guy who only has me in his corner. That’s a lot of pressure and I got my own problems.

6. He lacks ambition. I can’t stand a lazy guy or one who is content with being mediocre. You should always be working towards a goal. When you achieve one, it’s time to work towards another. I don’t like complacency.

7. A guy who is allergic to everything. Listen, I’m a foodie. I’d love to cook for the guy that I’m with, so if you’re allergic/don’t like all of my favorites, we simply will not work out.

8. An intensely ‘traditional’ guy. This ties in with the domestic emotional and physical abuse. Because that stems from patriarchal ideals. Not happening. No, I won’t be a house wife, and no, you cannot treat me any way you want.

9. A guy who does not want kids. I might not be the most affectionate person ever but I want kids, ok!

10. He smokes cigarettes or dies drugs. NOOOOO BABYYYYYYY! Not happening. Their is no such thing as a social crack addict. Miss me with the bullshit!

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