“I’d Never Ask My Guy About Another Woman, Unless I Was Prepared To Leave Him.”

So, I recently saw a video with the Braxton sisters discussing cheating and advice their mother, Evelyn Braxton, gave them in regards to dealing with those situations. “Never ask a guy about another woman, unless you were prepared to leave him, or you becime the side chick.” And, I couldn’t agree more.

Why ask your man about another woman, if you are not prepared to let him go. Once you make him aware that you’re aware that he’s being unfaithful, arguing with him about it but still staying with him, lets him know that you are OK with it and that if you’re not, you’re not going to do anything about it. This promotes the behavior. I’m not saying to be oblivious to the fact that your man is being unfaithful at all, I’m saying that, if you are going to let him know that you know he’s cheating, to preserve your self respect and how he views you, you have to leave.

Why even bring anything up, if you plan on staying? What’s the purpose? You hope by bringing it up, he’ll change. Firstly, I think if a man cheats on one woman, once, he’ll continue to cheat on that woman. So, not only do I think you are SADLY mistaken, you have to leave for him to even begin consider not doing it again.

If you stay, you’re letting him know that, regardless of what he does, you’ll always be around and you never want to give a dude the satisfaction of knowing that. Because that’s when he starts treating youuuu, like the sidechick.

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