TCA Peel Process and Results

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, I am just simply recording a risk I took and my experience.

Why? Well, I had a 25% TCA peel kit from years ago that I used to treat a scar left behind by my dermatitis. I thought I’d try it to remove some minor acne scars, using it like a spot treatment, and so I did.

How? (The process): The package contains a pre-peel, that can be substituted with wiping your face with a alcohol pad before applying the peel, the peel and the neutralizing solution that can be substituted by a mixture of baking soda and water. I first soaked a cotton pad with the pre- peel solution and applied directly to the areas I planned to apply the peel. It burned a little but this process is necessary in making sure the area you are applying the peel is clean, free of dirt and oils so the peel can penetrate deeper and more evenly. I then spritz some of the TCA 25 peel solution on a different cotton pad and applied it to those areas as well. It immediately started to burn, I went to my window, to neutralize the burn with cold air from outside, I still wasn’t able to bare it so I neutralized my face and washed it with cool water. I later felt as though, it didn’t work because of the short time I left it on, and did it again, this time I was able to bear it and left it on for a total of 5 minutes. I neutralized it and then washed my face with cool water. Make sure nothing gets in your eye, at all, or you will have a huge problem. The next day, my skin looked a bit darkened, shiny and wrinkled, I knew it was preparing to peel. 2 days later, I noticed peeling. It did not peel in sheets, the peel was sort of scattered and I read that it is detrimental to assist in the peeling, making it hard to go to classes, work, etc. It was suggested I wore sunscreen and stayed out the sun, I had no sunscreen and I had places to go, so I wore a hat and tried to avoid the sun as much as I could, but I definitely was exposed to a good amount and I was okay, though I don’t suggest you do it.

What (The results):
Was it worth it?
It was not worth it, I looked crazy for over a week, the results weren’t noticeable at all and it revealed the skin that was there before.
Would I do it again?
Yes, but this time I would go to a professional and get a stronger, deeper peel.
Any scarring?
No more scarring that I had prior.
Did I get burned?
Not that I can see as yet, but my skin is very resistant so I highly doubt it.
Would I suggest for you to do it?
It’s up to you, I already have pretty decent skin and the results were barely noticeable.

And yes, I heard stronger peels aren’t ideal for people of color but I took the risk and was okay.


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