10 Questions To JOB RECRUITERS, From a Millennial

  1. Applying on a job board: Why the freakity freak do I have to get an email from an employer stating that I still need to apply on the site, after applying on indeed? What’s the point of allowing your job posting to have “easy apply” if I still have to apply on the website, after easily applying? I mean, what else do you need from me, other from my resume?
  2. Filling out shit already on the resume I uploaded: Why when I apply for a job and they ask me to upload my resume, they still ask me information THAT’S ON MY FREAKING RESUME? Why are you making me go through all this?
  3. References: Why do I need someone to vouch that I’m a good worker? How about you hire me and see for yourself. If I’m coming from Mcdonalds, applying for a office job, I promise you I will not be the same employee I was there. I promise you I act according to the job I’m given. My behavior changes based on if I actually LIKE THE JOB or not. And no, my previous employers wont like me, because it’s either they fired me (for not doing the right shit) or they’re salty asf that I don’t want to work at their shitty establishment anymore. Additionally, I do not befriend my managers. I couldn’t give a damn about them. I don’t batter my eyes to get special privileges, I don’t befriend them, I don’t take their bullshit; I do my job and go home. And no, I don’t befriend my professors either, I do my work and go the freak home. I don’t have friends, I’m not friendly for fun. I can be friendly to get this job though, I can be friendly with customers to get their money though. I CAN BE ANYBODY YOU WANT ME TO BE. What people think of me doesn’t determine my worth because I adjust based on my environment. Additionally, people change. That last employer might think I was an asshole, but it’s been 2 years, maybe I went to a therapist and expelled my demons and became filled with flowers and sunshine and shit, ya never know.
  4. Calls: When you call me about a job I applied for, first things first, tell me your name and the company you work for. Because, more than likely, I’ve applied to 10 other jobs and I don’t know who you are. Don’t assume, I’ve only applied to your company, who do you think you are? Be freaking practical! I don’t know who you are and I don’t know why your company is significant, it’s just that the job you’re offering appeals to my interests and/or skills.
  5. Email me! Don’t call people out of the blue with no heads up. I don’t know your number, you could be anybody. I could be busy, I could be angry, sad, hurt or hungry. Email me and schedule an appropriate time, it’s common courtesy, bro, like come on.
  6. DON’T EXPECT ME TO HAVE EXPERIENCE! I’m applying for an entry level position, I’m fresh out of college, what kind of experience you expect me to have outside of my freaking degree? MY DEGREE IS MY EXPERIENCE. Don’t bullshit me! It’s a damn entry level position, ENTRYYYY being the operative word, this is going to be my first time doing a job like this. Stop making shit so hard, give me a shot!
  7. Don’t ask me why I want your specific job: I wan’t a job cause I need income to freaking survive. YESSSSS, I’d rather live on a beach somewhere and eat, and sun bathe all day but I can’t do that, I need money. NOOOOOO, I don’t dream of being in a place where people belittle me and tell me what to do all the freaking time. I don’t like working for people. NOBODY DOES!
  8. I’m nervous as freak: Without this job, I will be living on the streets. SO I’m nervous asf, don’t judge me based solely on my interview. Get a sense of my personality, take the stress away. Don’t use 10 people to interview ONE person, you are doing wayyyyy too much. I understand you want to see how your candidate does in pressure but there’s pressure and then there’s an interrogation, relax a bit.
  9. Qualifications: Chill on the qualifications! 3.5 GPA and above. REALLY?!?!? You know how hard it is to balance 6, 400 level classes and a job. I’m lucky to be in the 3’s at all.
  10. Internships: You’re an UPAID internship but you don’t provide housing? What the bullshit? Guess I’m gonna fly to work from my cardboard box. You’re not paying me, THE LEAST you can do is provide a few benefits to working for you.

10 reasons why you should always get white nail polish.

1. It looks good with every skin tone. For dark skin, it serves as a great contrast.

2. It’s professional and is a very neutral color to work in.

3. It looks good and like it’s professionally done, whether your nails are long or short.

4. It goes with absolutely everything.

5. It brings attention to your fingers and toes, giving the illusion that they are groomed and well taken care of.

6. You can add designs and things to it, still keeping the simple look.

7. It looks very effortless and natural.

8. People associate white with innocence, so if you wear white, you’d appear more appreciable, feminine and soft.

9. You’re almost instantly more careful to avoid stains, which can force you to pace yourself and just take pride in yourself, overall.

10. You can wear it over and over again without ever getting tired of it or without feeling like the color is getting old. It never does.

Top 10 Relationship DEAL BREAKERS!

1. A guy who disrespects his mom and/or sister in the worst possible scenario. She could’ve stole his car and trashed it.  How you speak to her in that scenario tells me how you’ll treat me if I ever did something you didn’t like.

2. A man who’s rude to the waiter, or strangers or the less fortunate. MAJOR DUB!

3. A guy who is overly insecure/overly obnoxious.

4. He called/calls me a bitch. ***CALLED… you only get one chance to call me that and that’s it!

5. A guy who only has me in his corner. That’s a lot of pressure and I got my own problems.

6. He lacks ambition. I can’t stand a lazy guy or one who is content with being mediocre. You should always be working towards a goal. When you achieve one, it’s time to work towards another. I don’t like complacency.

7. A guy who is allergic to everything. Listen, I’m a foodie. I’d love to cook for the guy that I’m with, so if you’re allergic/don’t like all of my favorites, we simply will not work out.

8. An intensely ‘traditional’ guy. This ties in with the domestic emotional and physical abuse. Because that stems from patriarchal ideals. Not happening. No, I won’t be a house wife, and no, you cannot treat me any way you want.

9. A guy who does not want kids. I might not be the most affectionate person ever but I want kids, ok!

10. He smokes cigarettes or dies drugs. NOOOOO BABYYYYYYY! Not happening. Their is no such thing as a social crack addict. Miss me with the bullshit!

10 Online Business Advice From an Avid Online Shopper, the most DIFFICULT CUSTOMER ever and Future Millionaire

  1. If you own an online business, OFFER FREE SHIPPING and INCLUDE SHIPPING IN YOUR PRICES! img_1687It’s a thing, I promise you, it’s a thing. Even seeing this and knowing that it’s a marketing strategy, I will still continue to do it. It’s the illusion of me getting a deal, even if I am not really getting a deal.

You can take it a step further by offering free shipping over a certain amount. Because If I get free shipping with a minimum of $50 on a purchase and I have $40 worth of items, I guarantee you, I will buy $10 more to get the free shipping. And potentially spend more since it’s hard to find the exact amount to fill the gap.


Customers equate lower prices with lower quality. Charge what your product is worth and more. I will buy a $100 dress if I think it’s of good quality and if I see the same dress for $50, I wont buy it cause I’ll think it’s crap.


This is what FashionNova lacks! They name their items with shit people can hardly remember. USE DESCRIPTIVE names or at least add tags so when customers search for a particular style of clothing, they can find the item, even if they don’t remember the obscene name you give it.

Also, size, color, price-range, most popular, relevant, occasion, all of that shit matters!!!! It matters. People don’t have time to sit at a computer all day and those things make it easier. People online shop for convenience, without those categories, it make shopping a chore. It makes people want to go to the mall!


Too much sales mean your products aren’t selling. It means there is something wrong that I’m not seeing.


This is a matter of inventory management, you should never run out of stock. Cause if I’m looking for an item and it says out of stock, I might come to my senses by the time it’s in stock and realize, I really don’t need it.

It’s about making sure the customer makes the sale when they first visit the website, if they have to wait, that’s a sale lost


You guys love doing that. I know it’s a strategy because you don’t want to deal with shitty customers. I’ve worked plenty of customer service jobs and I can be rude asf but you have to make customer service channels easily accessible and they have to be nice! They have to kiss ass. When someone is nice, I’m way less likely to pursue a complaint.

I love to email because I’m shy and through email, I can be a bit more bold and I ask for a lot more than I would on the phone. It’s common sense! I can hide my identity through an email, I can’t do that over the phone. The best way to do customer service is OVER THE PHONE, with a good customer service rep, you can make the customer feel like they’ve won but you’ve controlled the convo so much that they really didn’t get anything at all. I’m a great customer service rep, I do this all the time. You can’t control an email conversation, you just cant.

7. STOP HAVING 20 million people PROMOTE YOU!

When I see that, I know they’re doing it for the money. I know they don’t really like the clothes or the products. Choose a few brand ambassadors and start there. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!!!


If you’re going to give a celebrity who endorses you, quality hair or quality products; give me the same shit. Because I will no longer support that celebrity or brand ambassador because I’ll think they are bullshitting me.

This is BUSINESS ETHICS! Be fair, profits will come. Its about building a brand and a loyal/ strong customer base. Businesses run by con artists are FADs, they come FAKE and they DIE QUICK. You want to last a long time, treat your customers with respect!


I must be able to see the product on a model and standing alone. It has to be taken with a professional camera, by a professional photographer. It has to have a clean, monotone background, everything has to be close to perfect. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!! It’s what people see. I will not buy from a brand with nasty images or less than perfect images because I equate that with me getting my money stolen or with me getting shitty products.

They way your website looks, matters!

Your font matters!

Everything matter!


This is COMMON SENSE!!!!!

I’m black; if you do not have any black models on your website, I will not buy from you! If there are 2 black models on your website of 40 models, I still might not buy from you. I want to see how a color looks against my skin. I want to see how it’ll look with my hair type. It matters!

If I see you have 2 black models, 5 Asian model, some Native American models and 20 white models; cause even though you have 2 black models, I know you’re into diversity.

Even if you are racist, Include racially diverse models. It’s not hurting you!!!!

Include fat models, curvy models, anorexic models, wtf ever!!!!!!

Just have a diverse set of people working for you. PERIOD!

10 hygienic commercial products and their natural alternatives


Tea Tree Oil– If your skin is sensitive, dilute the tea tree oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and dab it under your arms after taking a shower.

Coconut Oil– Dab under arms after showering.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute. For every half cup of the Apple Cider Vinegar, mix with 1 cup of water. Ue cotton balls and dab under arms generously.                              

Baking Soda: Dilute. 1 table spoon of baking soda for every 1 table spoon of water or until you reach a creamy consistency. Slather under arms.

***You can mix the diluted Baking Soda or Apple Cider Vinegar with the Coconut Oil or Tea Tree Oil mixture for more coverage. Be careful: with these ingredients because every ingredient except the coconut oil can cause a reaction on sensitive skin.***

Shaving Cream:

Aloe Vera Gel- You can use the gel directly from slicing the Aloe Vera Plant in two and directly scraping out the gel like consistency of the substance in the middle or you can buy Aloe Vera Gel from your local drug store.                                             ***The one from the plant is always a better and healthier choice.***

Hair Removal Wax:

Honey, Sugar & Lemon- Mix honey, sugar and lemon juice on top of a stove until it creates a smooth paste. Apply to skin. Use a thin layer of cloth and proceed as if you were waxing with a store bought wax.


Baking Soda- Mix with water until you reach a creamy consistency, dip toothbrush in mixture and proceed as normal. Don’t do this more than once a week, for it can weaken tooth enamel.

Salt- Since salt wont quite dissolve like baking soda, pour some salt on our toothbrush or in your mouth and then wet your toothbrush and proceed as normal. Salt can be quite harsh on the gums so proceed with caution.


Hydrogen Peroxide- 2 tablespoons of peroxide in mouth, swish swish, spit out and rinse with water.

Face Toner:

Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Water, Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel. Apply with cotton pads.

Rinse-Out Hair Conditioners and Hair Masks:

Pureed Banana, Honey, Avocado, Coconut Milk- All these ingredients or good on their own, as well as paired together. You can put on hair, cover and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse out.


Diluted (with water or conditioner or oil) Apply Cider Vinegar, Diluted (with water or conditioner or oil) Baking Soda- Apply to hair and proceed as normal.

Face and Body Scrub:

Sugar: Add sugar to damp rag or cloth and proceed as normal.

Acne/ Discoloration Treatment:

Lemon/ Lime Slices-  Or Lemon Juice, on skin that hasn’t been cleaned in 12 hours (after the natural oils from your face is exposed and your face hasn’t been exfoliated), apply as a spot treatment with a cotton pad or just place lemon directly on skin. let sit for 15 minutes, rinse and proceed as usual. Applying lemon to exfoliated skin will BURNNNNN!!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar- Dilute with water, use cotton pad and apply to face.

***I’ve tried all of these home remedies except the DIY Wax, and I know for a fact they work on MY hair and MY skin.***


10 steps to increase financial aid award

  1. Annoy the fuck out of the financial aid office. They wont always have the power or access to get you the aid you desire but they’ll know who does.
  2. Find out who has the power to give you more aid and get in contact with them. If it’s not the Financial Aid Office, then it might be the scholarship department. Get in contact with them.
  3. Be very polite, write intelligently and understand that they are not required to give you anything. Don’t make demands!
  4. Stake your claim, state the reason why you deserve additional aid and ask questions!
  5. I don’t suggest you lie but if you must, exaggerate your story. Give details, no matter how emotional it may be for you.
  6. Thank the person you are speaking with, always! Even if they don’t or can’t help you, good manners will make them likely to refer you to a person that might be able to help you further. (You might have to go through a few people to get there)
  7. If they offer you anything, always remember they are offering you the absolute lowest they can. 
  8. Negotiate. Accept and thank them for their offer then ask them nicely if that is all they can do for you.
  9. If they increase the aid, you must settle. Asking for an increase the first time around is risky but doing it a second time is just plain greedy.
  10. Thank them through e-mail but if the transaction was done via e-mail, thanking them in person is a great way to build relationships and open the doors for funds in the future.

Remember: The worst they can say is NO, they cannot kick you out of school for asking for financial aid, neither can they take back aid already offered to you, without probably cause.

Top 10 Low- Budget, BLACK Movies to Watch on Netflix

You don’t have to be black to love any of the movies listed below. The struggles are universal, the actors just happen to be brown.

A flip side to this list will be uploaded tomorrow, so look out!

‘Burning Sands’

Relationships, health and grades suffer while these group of boys pledge for a fraternity.

Main character is very handsome. Above average movie. Above average acting. Definitely not anything great but it’s nice to watch. Started off a little slow for me but it picks up, as a college student, you should definitely watch.

‘Boy Bye’

She’s never fallen in love until now. But is he the man of her dreams or the reason why she’s never believed in love?

Wendy Raquel Robinson is a great actress. Low-budget movie but the acting definitely makes up for it.

‘Queen of Katwe’

A girl from the ‘ghetto’ or Uganda becomes a chess legend.

Main actress is breathtakingly beautiful. Lupita is also in it, she’s gorgeous as well. Really good movie. There aren’t any high points in this movie, nothing really stands out. It goes at a steady pace, throughout the entire film.

‘Like Cotton Twines’

An American man goes to Africa to teach but he forms a bond with a young girl who is set to spend her life paying for a crime she did not commit.

Great movie. I definitely underestimated this movie. Turned out to be a great movie.

‘The Preacher’s Son’

First, he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pastor, secondly, he falls in love with a stripper.

Main character is sooo FINEEEE! Also, there is some really good actors in this movie, even though it’s a low-budget movie.

‘Mississipi Damned’

Just a whole bunch of drama.

The absolutely best movie on this list. GREAT ACTING. Amazing story. This movie is very well-written, relate-able, fucked up. It’s a really, really good movie.

‘Will To Love’

A man searches for a wife in an effort to secure his grandfather’s fortune.

Marques Houston and Keisha Knight Pulliam (she’s so gorgeous, btw). This was a nice movie.

‘My Last Day Without You’

He didn’t expect to fall in love on a business trip.

Leading lady is gorgeous, leading guy is sooo dreamy. The taxi man annoyed the life out of me though, he just kept talking tooooo much. Could’ve been much better cause it had a good story line but the main character was a bit too impulsive for me and kind of annoying. The movie was OK. You might like it though!

‘Brotherly Love’

Growing up in the hood, you have to do what you have to do to make it.

I love Keke Palmer and I just think Quincy is gorgeous. The ending will shock you. Great movie!